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Customized Vastu for New Construction (Home, Office, All Commercial building , Showroom, Factory

Customized Vastu for Existing Property- Rented or Own Flat, Bungalow, Office, Factory & All other types of building.

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Have you been facing problems related to health, wealth, career, marriage, education, study, business, education? The right balance of earth energy will pave your way to health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.

Vastu Acharya Vikramaditya has been guiding to optimize and correct the earth energy balance of houses, shops, showrooms, factories without making any structural change or demolition. Acharya provides Vastu Consultation to those who are intending to purchase a new property in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors or those who have already bought/leased or occupied a property.

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge about Earth Vastu; Acharya Vikramaditya has played the role of not only a vastu consultant but a guiding force to hundreds of his clients.

Vastu Acharya Vikramaditya and his team provide professional Vastu audit after conducting a detailed survey of your property. With right combination of Vastu Shastra and modern science, advanced tools; our team of Vastu consultants evaluates more than 120 parameters that affect every aspect of your life like money, growth, career, business, gains, health, family, harmony, children’s education, etc.

Vastu for Homes
Get your Home’s Vastu corrected without demolition by expert Vastu consultants to live in peace and prosperity.

Vastu for New Construction
Customised floor plans designed under the guidance of Acharya ensures money gains, happiness, and success in life.

Vastu for Offices
Vastu compliant office contributes largely to keep the flow of wealth intact and make the business successful.

Vastu for Hotels
Earth Energy Balance plays a vital role in attracting visitors and gaining profits.
Vastu for shops/showrooms

Vastu for shops/showrooms
Right Vastu guidance will lure more footfalls, less shelf life of merchandise and exponential economic growth.

Vastu for plant/factories
Vastu friendly plan/layout of factory encourages high-value orders, security and strengthens the business.

Vastu Acharya Vikramaditya combines traditional vastu-Shastra learnings with scientific advancements and his research in the area of energy dynamics to scan and trace out different positive & negative vibrations, geopathic stress, and energy that influences the building.

Please feel free to reach Acharya for vastu consultation and overcome problems in every aspect of life including

Treatment for the following Aspects

Getting good job placement
Career Growth
Psychiatric problem – Loneliness, Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression.
Marriage / Good Match

Court Cases in your favour
Get share in Ancestral property
Relationship issues
Wish Fulfillment
Voter Support ( For Politicians)

Good Health
Good Marital Relationship
Family Harmony
Peace of Mind

Child Education
Recognition & Fame in Business / Politics / Office
Recruitment of the right Manpower / Staff
Getting Visa
Success in the Interview


Automobile Showroom
Hotel / Motel / Resort
Industrial Unit
Showroom & Shop

Educational Institute
Builders / Real Estate
IT Company

All types of Retail Showrooms & Shops
All types of Factories
Hospital / Doctor’s Clinic
Jewellery Showroom

Consultation fee Starts – INR 4, 00,000/- onwards (INDIA )

GST applicable over and above the fee

Follow-up consultation for Eleven months via email will be without any additional charges